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Welcome to Fruity Loops Review.

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Do you want to make top quality creative beats in just a few hours? Is Fruity Loops the best starting point for you to start making hot beats quickly and easily? Find out if Fruity Loops is your best choice for making your own beats right here at Fruity Loops Review.

Discover what other beat making options are out there and how they stack up. Great beat making information right here and links to top beat making resources and beat production secrets.

Here at Fruity Loops Review we are committed to bringing you the BEST MOST UP TO DATE BEAT MAKING RESOURCES ONLINE TODAY.

If you are serious about making great beats we have everything you need right here at Fruity Loops Review.

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Is Fruity Loops The Right Choice for You?

So you are looking at creating your own beats and loops and you want to get started right away? Doubtless you have heard that Fruity Loops is an absolute killer program for beat makers and you would be absolutely right. But, and it’s a big but, is Fruity Loops the right choice for you to start making beats, or if you have limited beat making experience or you are just getting started making your own beats…

Fruity Loops can be pretty overwhelming for a beginner or even an intermediate level beat producer and may not be the best option. Sure if you are an experienced beat maker and you already know your way around a music sequencer like the back of your hand then Fruity Loops is the best option out there hands down.

  Fruity Loops started its life as an awesome little software program that created loops from samples. From this humble beginning the famous FL [Fruity Loops] Studio built additions to the program until it became the powerful beat producer software application that it is today.

The biggest advantage of Fruity Loops is its assistance of many different standards. Put simply with the Fruity Loops Software you are able to mix and record just about anything you want. This huge flexibility makes Fruity Loops hard to beat for the pro beat maker.

For a lot of aspiring beat makers Fruity Loops is the first option that comes to mind when looking to purchase a beat making program simply because it has a great reputation out there in the beat making community and for very good reason.

I was no different; I jumped in with both feet and bought the full Fruity Loops package from my local retailer, and couldn’t wait to get started. I had a ton of really cool ideas floating round in my head that I couldn’t wait to realize!

Problem number one for me was the learning curve, while Fruity Loops has awesome capabilities no doubt about it, it also has a pretty serious learning curve, so if you are hoping to be making radical beats in hours or even days you may well be sadly disappointed.

 It is complicated in places and not that user friendly in other ways. If you fit into this category then Fruity Loops may not be the best starting point for you.

Fruity Loops has a pretty much  photo-realistic mixing-board interface, which looks very intimidating at first glance particularly to a newcomer or intermediate level beat maker and the interface has more than its fair share of small unlabelled icons. This is coupled with a file browser that could have been made an awful lot simpler to use makes the Fruity Loops learning curve a lot steeper than it needs to be.

Don’t get me wrong Fruity Loops has great tutorials available, but because there is such a lot to understand it really does take some time to become comfortable with the myriad of features and options within Fruity Loops.

It took me quite a while before I was able to master Fruity Loops and gotta admit it was a bit frustrating at times ploughing through all the information when all I really wanted to do was to get into making some serious beats. I wish I had known all this before I decided to purchase the Fruity Loops program.

So what other options are available and what are the pros and cons? There are a hell of a lot of beat making programs out there some of which are pretty good and well featured and others which quite frankly are glitchy garbage which you shouldn’t touch with a bargepole.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend any beat making program that doesn’t come with a full money back guarantee, that way if you don’t find the program lives up to the sales pitch or it doesn’t suit your own personal beat making style then at least you haven’t wasted your heard earned cash.

I came across two particular programs which I felt offered a real alternative starting point to Fruity Loops in terms of ease of use, quality and value for money.

The programs that I discovered are called Sonic Producer and Dub Turbo. Both of these programs are fully featured music sequencers, and both offer not only very good quality production values but are straightforward and very user friendly for those who want to get into their beat making right away without the learning curve involved in coming to grips with the Fruity Loops program.

Both of these programs have a very solid reputation out there in the beat making community and both come with a full money back guarantee so you can be sure that the program you choose is right for you.

In the next post I am going to take a good look at both of these Fruity Loops alternatives for you, what they offer, what are the pros and cons, and you can watch live on You Tube just how easy it is to make beats with both of these programs.

So before you fork out a ton of cash for Fruity Loops read the next post to find out more about these two killer alternatives…..


Fruity Loops Review

15 Mar

“Two Killer Alternatives to Fruity Loops”.

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So you are keen to get started making your own beats straight away, and you are looking for a simple alternative to Fruity Loops, an easy to use program, yet one that is fully featured and allows you to develop your beat making skills quickly.

There are two good alternatives to Fruity Loops out there for you, and I am going to take a good look at them both for you-

1/ Fruity Loops Alternative Number 1-Sonic Producer  

Sonic Producer has a pretty good reputation in the beat making community and for good reason. When Sonic Producer  was released, many people were blown away by both its features and its functionality. This affordable software is truly capable of producing any type of beats and music loop you want. Sonic Producer offers a top quality sound and heaps of options for a very much bargain basement price. You can upload all your best samples into Sonic Producer, plus it has 2000 plus different sounds already pre-loaded. Sonic Producer is a top quality music sequencer. SP lets you make beats with many different studios and keyboards and the  only limit to the beats you can make is your imagination.

The thing you will love about Sonic Producer in comparison to Fruity Loops is that it is super simple to use and I can recommend it to anyone that wants to effortlessly and quickly put together some great beats. Whether you have previous experience making your own music or are keen to make a start, the SP software is designed for anyone no matter what their skill set.

They provide excellent video tutorials on all aspects of using the software. The SP system works on all computers, and when you are finished beat making you can even export it to MP3 and play it on your ipod! The downside of this is that Sonic Producer works with a compressed format and and the quality whilst still good is not as good as the .wav format used by Dub Turbo.

Another major difference between Dub Turbo and Sonic Producer is that Sonic Producer is an “online”beat making system whereas Dub Turbo is a downloadable software application like Fruity Loops. The benefit of this with Sonic Producer is that you simply log into your members area and you can make beats anywhere anytime.

Check out the this You Tube Video showing just how easy it is to make a beat using  Sonic Producer-

Another good thing about Sonic Producer is the price, at only $29 its a big saving on the $100 ticket price of Fruity Loops. It is also a Clickbank product so you are covered by a full 60 day money back guarantee.

Check out these testimonials from happy Sonic Producer purchasers-

“This software is the ****”
Trish, IL
 “The sound quality is amazing”
Cole, PA

CLICK HERE to check out Sonic Producer for yourself.

2/ Fruity Loops Alternative Number 2 -Dub Turbo

Another good alternative to Fruity Loops is Dub Turbo. Again this program has a pretty good rep out there too. Like Sonic Producer [and Fruity Loops] Dub Turbo is a full featured music sequencer with a great range of options both in terms of built in beats and export capabilities.

Dub Turbo is very user friendly and even if you have never made your own beats before or touched a music sequencer. With Dub Turbo you can make the same quality beats that your favourite artists are making and that you are hearing on the radio and at the clubs.

With Dub Turbo you can quickly make top shelf studio quality beats. This is the one major area that Dub Turbo comes out ahead of Sonic Producer. With DT you can export your beats  to 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav format! (This is the  industry standard studio quality output that goes on CD’s]. Sonic Producer does not have this cabability and uses a  lesser quality compressed format.

If you are looking at producing and selling your beats it may be advisable to choose Dub Turbo over Sonic Producer for this reason.

Here are just a few testimonials from Dub Turbo users-

“My Boyfriend is so Jealous Of My Beats, I Love It!”

“I made 83 beats,
in JUST 2 weeks!”


Check out this You Tube Video on how to make a beat with Dub Turbo-

Pricewise and featurewise in most areas Dub Turbo and Sonic Producer are pretty comparable, and like Sonic Producer it is a Clickbank product and comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

CLICK HERE to check out Dub Turbo for yourself.

Both of these beat making programs are a great starting point for you if you are an amateur or intermediate level beat maker, and a real alternative starting point to Fruity Loops at about one third of the cost.

Fruity Loops Review “Want to Big Money Producing and Selling Your Beats”?

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 If you are a serious beat maker and are purchasing beat making software with the intention of producing and selling your beats, check this out. This is a resource by a guy I know personally who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business and made a killing producing and selling his beats. Here is what he is offering in his own words

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Happy Beat Making


Fruity Loops Review